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“From a Mother’s Perspective” by Jacy Arthur

I found the book project on Facebook and was keen to join, as my story is all about inclusiveness. I became a mother, and people thought I couldn’t or wouldn’t have a child, due to my disability. Typically, in the past, people with disabilities would be hidden away, and society needs to know all about us. We are living normal lives, just like everyone else. We don’t want sympathy, or to be heroes or to be inspirational.  Just acceptance and understanding.

The book project presented a few challenges for me, including working with others and trying to come up with different ideas from different perspectives. I am looking forward to connecting with new readers and hopefully they will be encouraged to read more about my life. I hope that people will better understand answers to the questions “Why do people with disabilities (PWD) want kids?” and “Should PWD have kids?”

I would love to see the book project engage people to understand that disabled people have similar lives to their own. They fall in love and have children, have challenges, and friends that help them too. Entertaining, funny and real stories. Hopefully, this will make people more accepting towards PWD. If the book could encourage PWD to write their own book, or join our second or subsequent books, this would be great.

I’ve written two books If Only You Knew and If Only You Knew Too. These books give the reader a truthful and realistic look into a person with a disability. They may be purchased at

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