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‘Front and back covers of the book entitled “The Eighteen point five” are displayed. The front cover also shows a blue bird in flight and the back cover, a montage of faces of those featured in or contributing to the book.’

Introduction – why read biographies about famous people?

Why are biographies only written about famous people? We all have a story in us.

In The Eighteen Point Five, twenty-five people share their personal and honest experiences of living with disabilities and disorders.

Our stories may shift your thinking and clear up misconceptions. Our contributors hope to encourage readers living with similar disabilities and disorders by sharing insights, challenges and achievements.

With no publishing experience and zero budget, we reached our goal with help, perseverance and hard work. We are pleased with the book. We hope you are too. Click here to order the book.

The book project manager

John Duthie ran projects and lead teams in several organisations. He was working for SA Police at the time of his accident. To prepare for the writing of his memoir, Alive and not Kicking, he read twenty-five books about people living with a disability. A question popped into his head.

‘Why are biographies only written about famous people?

He wanted to publish a book of twenty-five stories of unknown people with varying disabilities or disorders. John commenced a book project with the name ‘MY disABILITIES’, as it was better to focus on abilities, instead of disabilities.

If you are living with a disability or disorder and would like to be involved in the next book, please contact us.

South Australian team members meet for a celebration

On our publishing date of September 25, 2020, a few of the South Australian team members gathered to meet up, chat and eat. And share in our celebratory ice-cream cake.

Biographies about famous people - the SA team members smiling for the photo
Left to Right – Diana, Michael, Chantel, Kathleen, Jono, Jana, Grant, John, Gail, Kym and Cristina


the book is at the top and sitting on a table, the white plate is holding the icecream cake and the numbers 185 are on it
Our book and our celebratory ice cream cake!


Kym and Gail are helping themselves to food
Kym and Gail enjoying the food


Jono and Chantel are smiling from their wheelchairs
Chantel wrote Jono’s chapter


Biographies about famous people - john duthie wearing a teal hoodie and holding the book with his thumbs up
John finally smiles about the book – it has been a long time since the project commenced
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