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“Stories Make the World Go Round” by Phillippa Smoker

Phillippa photo - a big smile with sunglasses on her head, and leaning with her face on her handI’ve always had a love of writing and reading, ever since I was a child. Fantasy was my world, it was my way to escape from reality, and it was also a way to calm myself when things became too much. Even as an adult I use writing as a therapy tool. I’m a member of Writers SA, and when I saw their advert for writers for MY disABILITIES, it was no surprise I was interested. It was a way for me to introduce myself to the writing and publishing world. It was also something completely different from what I had ever written before. I wrote a nonfiction piece on the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) for Every Australian Counts, but I felt this was different yet again.

Why did I choose to share my story? For one the stigma that surrounds disability. I wanted to help prove that stigma surrounding the word disability or disabled doesn’t need to be. Yes, being disabled has its challenges but being autistic is a big integral part of me.

Second, I haven’t had an in print published piece before. This was and is a big thing for me. It was a great way to test the waters and see what the process was like to become a published author.  Being part of this anthology seemed like the best way to accomplish this.

I look forward to the completed anthology and sharing my story with you all.

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