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T.M. wishing her nose was biggerFrom TERRible to TERRific” by TM

Writing, Blogging & Book Project – these are never in the mind of my “first” life. I was not good at composition in school.

After having my motor vehicle accident in Northern Territory in 2013 when travelling alone in Australia, I had spinal cord injury and became tetraplegic (affecting the mobility of my 4 limbs). My “second” life starts.

My second life is totally a different experience in this same world. This world is designed for “normal” people. People with an impairment may have difficulties in how would they interact with the world.  People in wheelchairs have challenges managing kerbs, steps, steep roads, gaps, narrow pathways, tight turning angles, crowds, use of public facilities. People with vision impairment may have challenges in looking at signs, websites, learning, receiving information.

When John shared his book project idea in early 2017, I did not have any doubt and volunteered to offer my help immediately. I believed this book project would have potential in different ways: personal experience sharing, writing therapy, increasing awareness, encouraging people with disabilities and their family and friends, challenging society to implement design with universal access in public environments.

Since the start of the project, I have had the  opportunity to learn new technologies such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Discussion; structure, design and test the website; attend publishing workshops; learn to run a project; meet people from different backgrounds; hear their amazing and fascinating stories; try different marketing strategies; be interviewed by media, build my own blog; and more.

My-dis-ABILITIES is the name of our book project. Everyone has certain ABILITIES & POTENTIAL even though we have disABILITIES or our conditions have been changed.

From OUR TERRIble Situation To A TERRIfic Experience in Book Project,

WE have DONE it.


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