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“My Reasons” by Zia Westerman

I first learnt about the project when a member of the local Writers’ Group that I am involved in sent me an email. They thought it would be something I would be interested in. I was.

I joined the project because I was excited to think that people would get to read my story. I also wanted to help proofread the book, which I had the opportunity to do with one of the stories and enjoyed it very much.

I am also writing my own book and thought it would be a good idea to start somewhere small first by being a part of the project.  It has been an amazing opportunity as I have been able to see the project progress through its stages. I have spoken to some great people and have really enjoyed working with Pam Farley, who wrote my story.

The hard part was figuring out what part of my life to share. There were so many aspects that I wanted to share, but I focussed on one. Pam helped me sort through which parts of my life I should add as she wrote my story. Pam helped me a lot as she was someone new that was looking into my life, able to see things I was unable to.

Being a part of this project has been amazing. It has given me the opportunity to get my story out. I have also met some wonderful people. When I attended the Disability Expo in Adelaide last year (2017) another member of the book recognised who I was. I am being recognised for what I am doing which is a wonderful feeling.

All I want to achieve with the book project is for people to understand that people with disabilities are human too. We are no different from anyone else.

I also want people to know that it doesn’t matter how hard life gets, you have to keep pushing and fighting for what you want.

A successful book project would be people buying the book and discussing it with friends and family. It is being recognised by all types of people. This book will be educational and so should have a place in our libraries.

I was born with a condition called Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2i. I have red hair and enjoy being able to make a difference in the world. I enjoy writing and reading, and I always need to do something that keeps my mind active.

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